About Us

Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Products Importer

Since 2016, our company has been contributing to improving the lifestyle of citizens by importing various quality products that work with solar systems at reasonable prices in cooperation with stakeholders at all parts of the country.


Our vision is to alleviate the power challenge of rural Ethiopians through solar solutions. 


Strive daily to fulfill the power needs of the people.

Render the best quality of service.

Provide innovate solar solutions that benefit our customers and partners.

Core Values

    • Customer Centered
    • Trustworthiness
    • Accountability
    • Partnership
    • Quality
    • Profitability¬†
    • Independent

Strategies and major activities of the Company

    • Provision of demand driven solar products and services tailored to the needs of our customers
    • Working in partnership with various stakeholders in the market
    • Building and empowering the capacity of our partners
    • Ensuring sustainable delivery of our products and services
    • Charging reasonable fair price for our products
    • Outreach service for product promotion, distribution and maintenance

Our Future Plan: In the near future, we start assembling the following solar powered products locally.

    • Four-Bulb Solar Home System
    • Three-Bulb Solar Home System 
    • Single-Bulb Solar Home Syetem
    • Submersible and Surface Water Pumps