Empowering Rural Communities with Solar Solutions

Join us in our mission to bring sustainable and reliable solar energy to every corner of the world. With our base in Ethiopia, we offer a range of high-quality solar products designed to improve the lives of rural communities everywhere.

Our Services

Solar Water Pump Services

Need Assessment, Design & Product Provision and Installation & Maintenance

General Solar Service

Solar Site Assessment, Solar System Design, Solar, System Installation and Commissioning, Solar, System Monitoring and Maintenance and Educational Services

13 month of Energy

Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Products Importer is committed to addressing the energy needs of rural Ethiopians through reliable and sustainable solar solutions. As a proud member of GOGLA, we focus on delivering quality solar products and comprehensive services to enhance the quality of life for our customers.

Our Products

Solar Water Pumps

Submersible Types (Difful, 1500W 110V Motor DC) Surface Types

Home and Portable Solar Lighting

S500 Solar Light S3 Portable Solar Lantern S200 T200 Portable Solar Lantern and Mobile Phone Charger T200R Solar LED Lantern with Remote Control

Solar Home Systems and Appliances

Sun King Home 120 and Solar Powered TV Set

Let's Talk Solar

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We pride ourselves on our significant achievements:


Imported Successfully

solar products from manufacturers like Greenlight Planet Inc., OV Beacon, and d.light, including products certified by Lighting Global..


strong partnerships

Established strong partnerships with the Development Bank of Ethiopia and various regional agencies.


Increased Operation Area

Successfully distributed solar solutions in SNNP, Oromia, Tigray, and Amhara regions.