Meseret Mare Gebre

Solar Importer

Meseret Mare Gebre Solar Importer is a proud member of GOGLA

We do:-

Alleviate the power challenge of rural Ethiopians through solar solutions.

Provide innovate solar solutions that benefit our customers and partners.


Strive daily to fulfill the power needs of the people

Achievements to date

The company imported Sun King Solar lights from Green light Planet Inc., OV Beacon and d.light solar product manufacturer in partnership with Development Bank of Ethiopia. The imported solar systems (Sun King 120 Solar home systems with three and four lights & Sun King Pro 400, MB2-200 and TV system solar product from beacon, and S3 d.light product) are the best quality solar lights having lighting global certificate.

Currently we are distributing the imported Sun King Solar systems, OV beacon and d.light products at SNNP, Oromia, Tigray and Amhara regions after signing memorandum of understanding with SNNP, Amhara, Tigray and Oromia regions water, Mines and Energy Agency and also, with Vision Fund, Metemamen, omo, ACSI, Meklit and Dedebit Microfinance enterprises (All MOUs are annexed)

The promoter, W/o Meseret Mare Gebre, is a young female entrepreneur who has been engaged in different businesses such as import of spare parts (for vehicle) and used cars although the hard currency shortage at country level has been the bottleneck for the success of her business. She explored to find new business, which encourages female entrepreneurs and where there is possibility of getting hard currency. Thus, she has opened the new business called “Meseret Mare Solar Energy Products Import and Distribution” and started to work in collaboration with development bank of Ethiopia. Her spouse, called Ato Tilahun Zelalem, has been also engaged in a small-scale car rent business after his many years work at different international non-government organizations as a driver and logistic assistant.

Capital and financial positions of the company

The company initial capital was 5,000, 000 ETB (Five million) and received loan of 7,230,226.57 ETB (seven million two hundred thirty thousand two hundred twenty-six and 57/100) which was fully settled and new loan 13,701,337.83 ETB (thirteen million seven hundred one thousand three hundred thirty seven and 37/100). The company has fixed assets estimated in amount of 2, 654,000 ETB having a total asset of 10, 084,226.57 ETB